Cities around the world are creatively addressing a multitude of issues related to sustainability. While the Sustainability Planning Lab has primarily focused upon the evaluation of sustainability plans for U.S. cities, we also recognize the importance of evaluating pioneering sustainability plans of international cities.

In fact, taking results from these evaluations the Lab in a paper written for the World Planning Schools Congress 2011 event, comparatively analyzes three international and two U.S. cities.  Sustainability Planning in the Pacific Rim focuses on cities located along the Pacific Rim-Melbourne, Sydney, Vancouver, San Francisco and Seattle.  With an in-depth discussion of the methodology used for plan content evaluations, the paper displays how and why this type of analysis is not only beneficial, but necessary to sustainability planning.

Through this work the Lab has uncovered additional resources beyond just the city sustainability plans and our profiles of these plans.  Our hope is to build a substantial repository of model examples, programs, and policies that address the many planning and sustainability issues affecting today’s cities.

Vancouver, BC

Vancouver 2020: a Bright Green Future is a vision plan based on the work of a group of local experts who researched best practices from leading green cities around the world, and established the goals and targets that would sets the course toward realizing a healthy, prosperous, and resilient future for the City of Vancouver.

The full sustainability plan profile of Vancouver, BC, can be found here.

UPDATE: On July 12, 2011, the City council has approved the 162 page Greenest City 2020 Action Plan, which sets out concrete targets and steps to implement the vision of the Vancouver 2020: a Bright Green Future plan. This plan calls for separate bike lanes, efficient green retrofits, emissions reductions, more green spaces, a green economic development plan, and includes a target to increase local food assets by 50%, and much more.

Additional resources:

Melbourne, Australia

Future Melbourne is a long-term community policy plan outlining the visions and actions to support sustainable growth of inner Melbourne. Developed by the community, the document sets out the goals for the future, key trends and challenges, and outlines strategic growth areas.

The full sustainability plan profile of Melbourne, Vic., can be found here.

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Sydney, Australia

The Sustainable Sydney 2030 is a strategic community policy plan that builds on current regional and state planning and outlines goals and wide-ranging actions essential for sustainability. Sustainable Sydney provides a detailed analysis of traditional planning challenges and issues such as affordable housing, sprawl, natural resource management, and development patterns, while also setting forth a bold vision statement that links to sustainability issues and principles.

The full sustainability plan profile of Sydney, NSW, can be found here.

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